Chloe studied Psychology at Oxford Brookes University and joined us in November 2021 as a Sales Development Representative whilst she was studying for her masters degree in Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck University of London. Chloe studied for her masters part time whilst working full time at Webexpenses and wrote her dissertation on Webexpenses employees. She did a comparative study on the effects of working from home and working in the office.

Chloe told us she was attracted to Webexpenses as she wanted to work in business to business sales and try something new. She wanted a fresh start and wanted to start a role which was creative and that she was able to be herself in.

The selection process

Chloe was introduced to us via a local recruitment agency. Chloe had 2 interviews and these were both online as there were still Covid restrictions in place in the autumn of 2021. In her second interview Chloe was asked to prepare a presentation and she gave this on her psychology degree dissertation. Throughout the application process Choe felt supported and was provided with lots of information; she told us she found it an enjoyable process.

First role

In Chloe’s first role as a Sales Development Representative she would speak to prospective clients to understand their current expense management process and find out if there was a requirement for our software. Chloe would then book a demonstration of the prouct with a Sales Consultant.

The role required Chloe to be very organised and keep on top of the admin work. She would make calls, send emails, monitor replies from prospective clients and manage the phone line for the office. In some cases Chloe would have to drop what she was doing and prioritise anything which was urgent, for example if a prospective client had called to arrange a demonstration.


Chloe was very successful in the Sales Development Role and quickly progressed to a Sales Executive within 6 months of joining Webexpenses. In her new role Chloe was able to sell to small businesses and was able to manage her own pipeline, give demonstrations of the product and close her own deals. 11 months later she was promoted to a Sales Consultant. This meant that she was able to manage larger deals with mid-market sized businesses.

When we asked Chloe how she had found her progression with Webexpenses so far she said, ‘I didn’t have to wait too long and I was given advice on what to do to achieve the next step’. We asked Chloe what’s next for her and she said ‘I would love to win a well known brand and want to progress and close bigger enterprise deals. I can see myself staying long term and I’m interested in the long haul’.

What’s it like to work here Chloe?

‘It’s great fun really. A friendly place and it’s a joy to come to work and see people who are entwined in your life. It’s a comfortable place to come into and everyone chats to you. I give it 10/10 and wouldn’t leave, I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s a great place to work.’

Based on her experience, we asked Chloe if she had any advice to give to candidates considering starting a career in Sales. Chloe said, ‘As long as you are willing to give something a go, you should go for it. If you’re willing to give everything your best shot you’re not reprimanded’.


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